Casualmere® Luxury-Eco Blog Launches

We at Casualmere® have launched our web site of 100% Bamboo basic tops for men and women, sexy-soft designs planned to never to go out of style, and Bamboo scarves too…and here is our first blog.

Everyone, needs basics clothing tops for layering, for casual times, or because of economic stresses that require our purchases be multi-use.  Thus “basics” are our design mantra.

Casulamere® is eco-clothing of viscose made from Bamboo, this new and exciting material takes dye giving vibrant colors that do NOT fade.  Best of all Casualmere® is Sexy-Soft, elegant in appearance, and yet satisfies a need for a t-shirt-type luxury basic, for everyday or special occasion use…and at a popular low price.

Bamboo’s use for clothing is still in its infancy, you can read all about the details of the Casualmere® brand and about Bamboo grass in our FAQ section at and the Casualmere® fabric link on our Home Page.

Casualmere® is destined to become the brand synonymous with clothing made from Bamboo.  You will find the content in our products is 100% Bamboo (or at least 95% with 5%spandex for stretch).  Most other bamboo garment brands are low Bamboo content or thin fabric weights. (All should be currently FTC labeled as viscose made from Bamboo).

While we are in an uphill battle with the Cotton Growers’ publicity bandwagon (subsidized to the tune of $3 Billion annually with your tax dollars…more in later blogs) we are sure that as customers who are exposed to Casualmere® products your pleasant experience with the fabric will be passed along to friends and family.

We are constantly looking to improve our products and the eco-responsible methods used in its production. Our Bamboo fabric & yarn research is constant.  Bamboo grass itself is as earth friendly as eons of climate adaptation and evolution can produce.  Bamboo grass needs no fertilizers, no extra watering, no pesticides, and very slight soil disturbance…you can’t say that about many fabric sources, certainly not cotton.

Our garments are built, not just sewn.  We have tweeked our basic styles very slightly, in a good and subtile way, that you will enjoy; side-seam slits at the hem of all designs, double-needle reinforced stitching at the neck and shoulder seams, we screen printed the label at the inside neck, and added our ‘4-bamboo-sticks’ logo identity in green at the bottom side hem for eco-identity. Our self fabric, narrow neck bands prevent “bacon neck” and look more elegant than typical rib-knit athletic collars.

Detail of Casualmere® shirt construction.

Here is how Casualmere® shirts are "built".

Our knit fabric weight is about 30% heavier than typical cotton tops yet softer, with better drape, and in a moisture wicking knit because the viscose from Bamboo yarn is a very fine thread with excellent tensile strength providing excellent air flow.  Casualmere® is washable too.  Its all good!

-the Casualmere® family.


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