See the “Getty”… it’s a gift to us all!

Here’s a tip for a possible 3 luxurious days (weather pending) in Los Angeles…go see the “Getty”.

Entrance image for the J. Paul Getty Museum

Entrance image for the J. Paul Getty Museum

Whether a resident or visitor to L.A., all can enjoy a luxurious day or three enjoying a truly beautiful (and Free) gift to us all.

The “Getty” is the J. Paul Getty Museum sitting on a mountain side overlooking Los Angeles in southern California, with stunning views on the outside as well as the inside.

The admission is free and so is parking, one only needs to make parking reservations in advance because visitors are limited to parking space available.  A tram zips visitors up to the museum from the parking lot that’s adjacent to the 405 Freeway going north from Santa Monica to the San Fernando Valley.

One can spend half a day just admiring and viewing the buildings and vistas that make up the museum complex.  This is stunning architecture that anyone’s eye will appreciate… Perfect for it’s surroundings!

Another half-day can be spent in appreciation of the gardens and having lunch outside in an exceptional venue…and usually beautiful weather.

Then you can exhaust yourself viewing all the art exhibits on display…which is why it’s there in the first place!

The “Getty”s website is extensive, and one can find all the details and tips for your visit.  The location is only about 30min north of LAX, about the same from Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier and beach.

Treat yourself!   Order a Casualmere® top to wear so you feel and look as elegant as your surroundings on this trip…and wear comfortable shoes.

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