Moms – Dads – Why your kids should learn 2 more languages | The world is Flat

Mom & Dad… when grown up your kids will need a job…hopefully a good job.  Are they ready?  Are they competitive with all job seekers?  If they are not learning at least one language… in addition to their native tongue …then most likely…‘Not’.

Sure, much of the world is learning English now…but do we native English speakers have a great understanding of  “other-cultures” that is necessary for effective interaction with the other countries our children may be required to  work with…or in?…not without its language we don’t.

Whether you live in a rural area…or the upper east side of NYC… the world your children will try to survive in…is flat.  That is… what happens in South America…Asia…Eastern Europe… anywhere in the world …can…and likely will…effect their job seeking ability.

Consider…currently there are as many English speaking Chinese as there are English speaking Americans…

…Will your child be able to compete for a good job…or be as skilled an entrepreneur …as an English and Mandarin speaking child from a 2011 Chinese family?

Too… Those call centers in India and other “third world” countries we all like to complain about when we call about credit card problems …are staffed by youth learning English!  And learning it to a higher level each day listening to you complain!  …learning English in addition to their native tongues and other education subjects…like Science …Medicine …Math …and more.  They do not plan to be in a call center after graduation…be aware your children will encounter these student’s competition for jobs… have you prepared your child?

US Census excerpt from Wikipedia: In the USA…“There are 45 million Hispanics who speak Spanish as a first or second language and there are 6 million Spanish students” …and…“Roughly half of all U.S. Spanish speakers also speak English “very well”.  You should realize there are many millions of youth with at least 2 languages that are going to be competing for jobs with your child.  So, to have an edge the need becomes…3 language skills.

Consider…when employers scan job applications…done electronically these days…who’s application do you think will sort highest?…one with English only…or one with English & Spanish…+German? (…or English & Spanish +French, or +Italian, or + Portuguese, or +Mandarin, or +any Indian dialect).  If one does not “sort” well one’s opportunities are not as good or competitive.

If you are not a “reader”…and as a parent you should be for your children’s sake …there are many books on this subject…an entertaining one is titled…strangely enough… The World is Flat, by Thomas L. Friedman. You may want to download it to your kids reading device…or, gods forbid, buy the book… or go to the library for it, and have conversations about it with with your children.  It will open your eyes and theirs… to ideas and what the world wide competition is becoming.

Ability with one …or multiple …non-native languages indicates an effort at an enhanced education… an effort toward global understanding…an effort to compete and succeed…and much more.  In this economy run by corporate-giants …a world economy…will your child’s resume sort high…or ‘No’?

The world economy does not run on 140 typed characters or truncated abbreviations …OMG…it runs on language, understanding, and most importantly…communication, as well as basic technical skills.

NOTE: The “…” is our signature aberration to classic written English …its for your fun in reading us …we know it is not “classic” …but it does allow us to communicate effectively and uniquely too.

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