Do you know VRBO?

I’ve taken several vacations staying in properties I found on VRBO “Vacation Rentals By Owner”.  In fact in a few weeks I am returning to seaside (30 feet to the water) beach free standing cottage-condo in the Caribbean for a third visit.  It is so private and wonderful I can’t share exact details, but you can certainly find your Shangra-La on this site.  The choices are world-wide as well as USA domestic, and include all type venues; beach, mountain, urban, country, whatever your travel taste.  You can opt for a price point that matches your budget and most owners will go the extra mile to provide local places-to-go, recommended restaurants, secret coves, museums, and other local tips.  You can get the inside scoop that only locals or frequent visitors normally know, that can make a vacation especially memorable.

VRBO is an easy site to navigate which is great, and in most cases you are contacting directly to the owner.  There are usually plenty of property photos, and the owners will e-mail more on request.

Pack a few Casualmere® bamboo tops, a dress for nights out, and just take a roll-on for a great, easy trip with no luggage hassle or extra baggage cost.

Let us know if you find a dream spot for your trip.

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