Jay Leno races around L.A. video, Luxurious FUN!

Here is a Luxury you can’t match legally, but it is fun to watch an unpretentious car enthusiast share this Heart-of-L.A. road loop in an SLS AMG Gullwing. It is Sunday morning at 7 AM, in case you wonder where everyone is.  It is Jan 2010, but to a 35 year resident of L.A. it looks to me like the morning of the 1984 Summer Olympics when everyone left town in fear of the traffic snarl, which resulted in just the opposite….empty streets.

Here is what the car looks like in case your are going shopping today.

The only thing that would have added to Jay’s experience is to be wearing a Casualmere® elegant, super-soft, eco-bamboo shirt.  Be sure to order a couple with your SLS.  You will feel good when you get your speeding ticket.

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