Dude…look in the mirror!

Dude…look in the mirror!  It does matter how you look, how you dress, how you take care of yourself.  Women notice…and if you are single how you look matters a bunch.  If you are in a relationship it can add or detract from it, especially long term.  Your friends and casual acquaintances do notice and they are usually the ones who recommend you for new or better jobs and opportunities.  When you regularly look good it adds to your ability to command respect.

You are better off if you have some style.  You stand taller…you walk taller…and actually you perform better.  Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.  You have assets; abilities,

Casualmere® luxury bamboo long sleeve t-shirt.

Casualmere® luxury bamboo long sleeve t-shirt.

intelligence, training, education, so don’t detract from them by looking like a schlump.  Look good!

Forget the logo t-shirt, you don’t play for that team and if you do you don’t need to wear it off the field.  You likely aren’t a wrestler or cage fighter so why be their billboard.  Try throwing on an elegant t-shirt, that has beautiful drape in a fabric that just looks luxurious.  A tee with a simple elegant appearance, and make a great impression.

A Casualmere® bamboo luxury t-shirt does exactly these things and it is Eco-friendly too.  It is a conversation starter, it’s made from bamboo a natual growing grass that requires no pesticides, no fertilizers, and no excessive watering.  Have her feel you shirt, she’ll love it.  If you want to make a big impression, buy her a women’s top from Casualmere®…it will last much longer than flowers or candy and make a bigger impression…or give her yours…be sure to get the flowers too.

How Casualmere® t-shirts are "built".

How Casualmere® t-shirts are "built".

Your Casualmere® shirt is washable and it wicks moisture from your body so it is very comfortable in summer OR winter.  It is a great tee to layer with a jacket, vest, or open button-up shirt.  There is a small Casualmere® logo on the side seam at the bottom side so you are identified as someone that is eco-friendly too.

Check out www.casualmere.com.

These tees are available in short sleeves too, in both a standard t-shirt fit and neck and a closer fit, V-neck tee option.

Casulamere® tees are “built” with double needle stitching, side seam hem slits for wearing out over pants, stitched side seams, and a fabric weight heavier than a standard t-shirt.  It feels lighter weight, but is actually heavier in total weight…close or over  9 oz. per garment… depending on size, compared to a 6.5 oz. standard t-shirt.

Casualmere® 5269 Golf shirt.

Casualmere® 5269 Golf shirt.

These are great t-shirts to pack for travel too…they take very little space in you luggage so you can pack several and still only take a carry-on.  We make collared golf shirts too.

You may need to give yours to her…so be sure to get a couple.

Now, dude…look in the mirror again!

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