Dude…ever hear of “power colors”?

Dude…do you pay any attention to your wear?  Does your wardrobe only consist of sports logo t-shirts and knit golf type shirts with a little guy on a polo pony?  Are you boring?  You are if that is the only way you dress.   You better be brilliant, rich, or have a Brad Pitt face.

While you may not wear suits daily…or ever…the image below is interesting for its variety of colors of suits worn by the Mad Men.  Take a long look.

Mad Men in various color suits

Mad Men in various color suits.

Psychologist’s studies indicate that Black is the Power Color.  If you knew nothing about the characters in this show do you agree the guy on the right looks more powerful?

Check the guy in the background with the brown suit…how does it compare?  Forget fit as we are only looking at color…of course a tailored fit is a major asset in a suit.  But what about colors if we are discussing things like t-shirts, button-ups, polo shirts etc.  Take a look at the colors in your closet or drawer…do they suit you?  Is there much black in your non-sports logo t-shirts selection?  Do you even have a non-sports logo t-shirt?

Do you agree that dressing to impress…at any time…can be an asset…it is.  People do talk about you if you are exceptional in anything.  An unexpected opportunity, or job offer, or feminine attraction will arise…you can be assured…if you pay attention to your wear.

Unless you are a rock star, pay attention to your cleanliness and dental appearance, and the colors you select for everyday use.  Take a look at our color selection at Casualmere.com luxury eco-wear…we don’t offer weak colors.  We don’t put sports logos on our shirts, we don’t put big images on the front or back of our tees.  The luxury fabric and strong vibrant colors…even black…accent you, make you stand our in the crowd.

And finally, unless you are going to the stadium, leave the team jersey at home…that money you spent on it was wasted…to all but you.

Dude, find your power color…for sure Black is one for everyone.

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