Looking good, feeling good, and smelling good in the Caribbean

We just returned from a week vacation in the Caribbean on St. Maartin/Martin, at our favorite secret hideaway on the French side.  This is the island where one side is French and the other is Dutch.  You may have seen pictures (see again below) of planes landing right over the beach and blowing crazies off the “stay off” the fence at the runway end.

Plane landing at St. Martin/Maartin

Plane landing at St. Martin/Maartin

Dis-liking delays or frequent unpleasant surprises…when we vacation travel we never check baggage…we only use carry-on bags.  This trip we both packed several Casualmere® bamboo tops, and my wife packed one of her bamboo dresses, along with swim wear, sandals, and shorts…nothing more needed.

I had 7 Casualmere® bamboo t-shirts packed with everything else and still had space in my carry-on as did my wife!  This wonderful viscose made from 100% bamboo fiber while having substance and beautiful drape, is a thin, fine luxury fiber that results in a t-shirt or top that takes much less space to pack than cotton yet looks better and feels better than cotton when worn.  This breathable fabric is perfect for

View of Marigot on St. Martin

View of Marigot on St. Martin

the humid Caribbean climate, and the island breeze kept me constantly dry in 90 degree weather…and…get this…the shirt had no perspiration odor at days end.

Not only was my Casualmere® what I expected…it was BETTER THAN what I expected.

Whether you are going for a casual meal or fine evening out, at a special place or just around the block at home,  being able to throw on a t-shirt or golf shirt that is super comfortable and REALLY LOOKS GOOD is something special.  A shirt that makes you look dressed up when it is still only a t-shirt is a good thing!  And if you feel good and and smell good…even better.

Cool in black Casualmere® bamboo.

Cool in black Casualmere® bamboo.

I really like wearing black, and I wore my Casualmere® bamboo t-shirt in 90 degree weather and was as comfortable…if not even more comfortable…than in a white cotton t-shirt…I looked good and smelled good too.  Try Casualmere®…you will see for yourself.

My wife was wearing and enjoying her pink Casualmere® top this day taking my photo on the beach bench…she always looks beautiful…this travel clothing in 100% viscose made from bamboo was perfect for us both…all week…day or night.

If you decide to try St. Martin for a get-away I recommend the Nettle Bay area on the French side.  Rent a car and explore the entire island, especially the famous Orient Beach and all the great restaurants.  St. Martin is the Gourmet Capitol of the Caribbean.

Le Flamboyant-St, Martin

Le Flamboyant-St, Martin

Two nice resorts in the Nettle Bay area are Le Flamboyant and the Mercure both on the inland, Simpson Bay side of the Nettle Bay beach.  The are next to each other and very nice.  There are several resorts in the Orient Beach area too.

While a drive to the Dutch side is interesting for a day, be sure to avoid the days cruise ships are in port.

Mercure St. Martin

Mercure St. Martin

Perfect partners… Casualmere® bamboo travel clothes and the Caribbean too.


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