10 things to know about bamboo Casualmere®

What is Casualmere®?

Casualmere Little Black Dress

Casualmere Little Black Dress

The short answer is the Trademark name for our custom manufactured 100% bamboo (viscose made from bamboo) clothing for men and women.

Casualmere® fabric is…

  1. Fiber made from Bamboo is a fine, long, strong thread that results in a garment with extreme softness, an elegant drape, and holding brilliant color when dyed.
  2. Machine washable: We recommend washing Casualmere® separately, in cool water, partially dry in the drier then remove damp and hang till fully dry, then remove from hanger (avoiding hanger stretch) and folding till worn.
  3. Casualmere® is a luxury fiber similar to silk but less costly, a breathable knit, very skin friendly, and easy care.
  4. Casualmere® clothes are perfect travel/vacation garments.
  5. Casualmere® is not related to Cashmere wool, but relatively as soft a hand-feel, as luxurious, yet more casual in application than Cashmere.
  6. Casualmere® tops are fully “built” garments, with sewn side seams, double needle stitched shoulder and side seams, finished slits at the bottom side seams, no garment tags in the neck, and self-fabric neck trim for a luxury look.
  7. Casualmere® styles are basics that will not go out of style in 6 months, they will be as wearable and functional in 2 years.
  8. Casualmere® source plant Bamboo requires: no fertilizers, no pesticides, no excessive watering, no excessive soil disturbance, grows naturally and can be easily cultivated, can be harvested every 3-4 years.
  9. Casualmere® source plant Bamboo produces 20 times as much bulk fiber per area as trees, and generates 20 times as much oxygen as trees.
  10. Casualmere® while often synonymous with bamboo is the exclusive Trademark of Bootee-shirts.com Inc.
Casualmere® for men & women.

Casualmere® for men & women.

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