ROD’S DAY cancer fundraiser scheduled for July 16, 2011 in PDR, CA

Casualmere® eco-travel-luxury-clothing of bamboo, supports cancer research at our pet Institute, the California Oncology Research Institute (CORI) in Santa Monica, California…associated with the UCLA Medical Center.  We have been supporting Dr. Anton Bilchik for over 12 years in his world recognized colon-pancreatic cancer research.

Each year…for the past 19 years…our management puts on & sponsors a Hawaiian themed party and fund raising event called ROD’S DAY.  This year and for the past 6 years the

Ballona Creek - at Playa Del Rey, CA

Ballona Creek - at Playa Del Rey, CA

event is held at Mo’s Place in Playa Del Rey, California …just south of Marina Del Rey and Venice Beach…one block from the beach at 203 Culver Blvd.  ROD’S DAY has been held at various venues in the beach community of Playa Del Rey since its inception in 1993.

This year’s event is Saturday, July 16, 2011, starting at about 4 PM going till…who knows?  ROD’S DAY is always free admission (Rod would have had it only that way) and is a great…not-too-structured…party for getting together with friends, family, and long-lost acquaintances…in a beach town…a casual atmosphere…with the opportunity to buy some raffle tickets or bid on fun Silent Auction items…in support of cancer research at CORI.

Mo & Dennnis Raffle gifts

Mo & Dennnis Raffle gifts

This event…named for Rod Fasone…who was a victim of colon cancer at age 21 in 1992, just a few months after his graduation from Indiana University…and after an inspiring battle with the cancer and chemotherapy treatments for the last 2 years of his college studies.  Rod’s friends and family established this

Rod (far right) w (l-r) Randall, Scott, Gavin, Tom and Chris (bottom)

Rod (far right) w (l-r) Randall, Scott, Gavin, Tom and Chris (bottom) @1990.

annual event in an effort to generate research funds in his memory…to help prevent this terrible cancer type from taking more lives.  You can read more about ROD’S DAY and Rod’s story at Facebook Rod’s Day page.

ROD’S DAY usually starts out with a sky diving exhibition by 4 Vietnam era veterans led every year by Jumpin’ Bill Heskamp, a long time friend of Dennis Fasone, Rod’s dad and

JumpinBill Jumping

JumpinBill Jumping

Rod.  The rarity of a sky diving exhibition within 2 miles north of the end of LAX runways is something to appreciate.  Each year the jumpers exit the plane over the Pacific Ocean…west of Mo’s…trailing various flags and banners…landing just behind Mo’s building adjacent to a nature preserve marsh area…Balona Creek Wetlands…the last in Los Angeles county.

This event of 19 years has a very neighborhood ambiance with many in attendance not actually neighbors…and many who are.  Through the years many romances have blossomed at this event…and a couple resulted in happy marriages too.

If you want to donate a raffle gift, or valuable item for the Silent Auction you can contact

Rod Fasone

Rod Fasone

Mo’s place, CORI, or the Casualmere offices…(click link for our contact page).  You, your friends and family are bid “please join us”.

If you would like to make a direct donation on-line to CORI…which we encourage…you can do so here…just fill out the “in memory of” or “special occasion” as ROD’S DAY and provide your credit card info.

There is nothing quite like a summer evening party…near the beach in Southern California…with a throw-back beach-town ambiance…and doing something good at the same time.  Rod would have loved it…believe me I know

—Rods dad.

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