Dude – Father’s Day or Fathers’ Day – took 65 years to become official!

Fathers’ (or Father’s – move the apostrophe to your preference) Day is officially the 3rd Sunday in June…this year the 19th of June.  Interestingly…Fathers’ Day took 65 years to become official after first


A Dad

being proposed in compliment to Mothers Day…back in 1908.  Nixon finally made it official in 1972…though dads were honored for many years prior to that…just an interesting bit of history.

The idea of Fathers Day was derided for years by many in the early 1900’s…possibly because it is a lot easier to be a father than it is to be a good father…and it is not nearly as painful to be one compared to being a mother.  Nevertheless, we now have a national holiday honoring dads.  So, if you are disposed to taking advantage of the observance…it is coming soon.

Our suggestion…buy him a great looking luxury t-shirt or golf shirt from Caualmere®.  You can choose from a classic t-shirt, a close-fit V-neck t-shirt, or a golf shirt in several colors each.  Casualmere® is made from bamboo, which is a very earth friendly source, and your dad will look very

Casualmere golf shirt

Casualmere® golf shirt

elegant while being super comfortable wearing it.  Casualmere® is elegant enough to be an expensive looking Dads Day gift…and one he will wear often…its is nicely packaged too so it makes a nice gift presentation for…anyone.

If your dad travels for work at all, he will never leave without it.  You may want to pick a couple different colors…the Casualmere® fabric results in excellent colors that don’t fade.

A card explaining the benefits of bamboo…and Casualmere® fabric traits…is included with each garment too.  There is still plenty of time to get Casualmere® delivered too…as we ship within 24 hours of your order.

Go here: www.casualmere.com and use discount code FDAY at checkout for 30% discount.  And give dad a hug on the 19th.

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