E-tickets are now mega cruises…missing the international experience.

Remember E-Tickets?…Disneyland’s premium best-ride ticket was synonymous with the best ride…also the longest lines.  Well the E-ticket has evolved…to cruise ships.  The social experiment of how many tourists can you pack elbow-to-elbow and have them think they are having a good time…and not realize they are missing the experience of “the world”.

Royal Caribbean's world’s largest cruise ship, 2,700 rooms, Allure of the Seas

Royal Caribbean's world’s largest cruise ship, 2,700 rooms, Allure of the Seas

What is you opinion of this type cruise ship and experience?  Are you a mega-cruise ship fan?…if so we would like to know why…how…what?  If not, same questions and…what do you prefer.  Is this your idea of luxury travel?

Several of these ships stop at St. Martin/Maartin several days a week for a day.  We have been to St. Martin/Martin several times staying at small locally owned condos.  We have met many locals, many European ex-pats or vacationers, found hidden-gems, world class dining…all of which have made the experience priceless.  We packed one roll-aboard bag…as we always do…even to Europe or Australia…and never even thought about 24hour buffets…but had great food…there is nothing like an authentic baguette…fresh every day for $1.

We have also experienced…Jamaica, Guadeloupe, St. Barts, Saba, Granada, Martinique…all NOT via cruise…all were great experiences including meeting locals…understanding the life on each island/country…broadening our view on life without broadening our backsides with buffet food.

Without flights of 12-14 hours the Caribbean offers a wonderful mini-international travel

Caribbean Map

Caribbean Map

experience from the U.S….either casual or luxurious…your choice. Do some research, check out some travel sites…VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) is one of our favorites for a place to stay to avoid the mega-hotel experience and meet local people.

Tip:  best time for visiting the Caribbean…December to late May.  Best prices..mid April to late May.

What is your opinion…cruise or personal?  Got a favorite Caribbean island choice?

Our suggestion…pack your Casualmere® eco-friendly, bamboo tops…a Casualmere® dress…and roll-aboard your flight for a Caribbean experience…cruise or personal.


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