Dude…women want you to know that…

Women wish men knew…

  • It’s OK to kiss on the first date.
  • We really don’t mind if you open doors and pull out chairs.
  • You don’t always have to pay for everything.

    Couple enjoying feelin' Casualmere®

    Couple enjoying feelin' Casualmere®

  • Not calling when you said you’d call is the kiss of death.
  • You don’t have to wait 3 days after the first date to call.
  • It’s OK to leave a toothbrush and deodorant at our place if you have been staying over.
  • Sometimes, we just need to talk about it.
  • Sometimes, enough is enough! (sex-wise, watch for cues.)
  • We love flowers …and back rubs.
  • The toilet seat thing really does matter.
  • We’re terrified of meeting your mother.
  • In girl-speak, “cute” is a good thing.
  • Some of us have lots of male friends.
  • Intelligence is attractive.


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