Casualmere® luxury vacation idea…Hawaii…the Big Island…Puakea Ranch

For a luxury vacation in Hawaii…away from the “maddening” crowd…and to experience Hawaii as it should be…check out Puakea Ranch , outside Kona in the town of Hawi, on the Big Island…Hawaii.  It’s a stunning location in classic Hawaii ranch-lands with

Puakea Ranch-Yoshis house from Trip Advisor

Puakea Ranch-Yoshis house from Trip Advisor

fabulous views of the sea…yet an “Old Hawaii Ranch” vibe with luxurious style, facilities and amenities.

Here is a local Hawaii history excerpt from the Puakea Ranch web site: The vibrant green slopes called Puakea, in the District of Kohala in the northern tip of the Island of Hawai`i,


Hawaii state map - Puakea is on the large island, Hawaii, on the right, Honolulu is on Oahu.

have drawn people to them from the time of the early Hawaiians creating a rich and still vibrant multi-cultural history. The first immigrants to arrive were Polynesians from the Marquesas Islands. They built one of the state’s oldest structures, Kukuipahu Heiau, c. 600, a temple just a short hike south of Puakea.

Puakea Ranch HI -miles away-pool - Trip Advisor

Puakea Ranch HI -miles away-pool - Trip Advisor

Turing north for a short hike is the Mo`okini Luakini Heiau that, according to a family chant, was built around 480 AD (perhaps by Hawai`i’s indigenous folk) and was dedicated to the god of war, Ku. It was transformed into a luakini or sacrificial temple in the 11th century by Pa`au, a kahuna-chief who arrived from the Society Island in the second migration to hit the island. Mo`okini Luakini provided the platform for Pa`au to enforce his kapu (taboo) system of governance used by Hawaiian chiefs until 1819. Within site of Mo`okini is Kamehameha Akahi Aina Hanau, the birthplace of Kamehameha the Great, who is said to have been born here in 1758 as Halley’s Comet passed overhead. Kamehameha’s life was an astonishing blend of Moses, King Arthur, and Greek drama. Kamehameha was the first to unite the islands of Hawai`i and rule as king until his death in 1817. A number of surrounding state and national historical sites honor his life, his battles, and the men who served him

Puakea Ranch HI-Living Room-Trip Advisor

Puakea Ranch HI-Living Room-Trip Advisor

Hawaii…Old Hawaii… when you find it…commands awe, respect, and wonder.  The beauty of the islands, the ingenuity of its original inhabitants, the wonder of its location, its flora and fauna (plants & animals) is something all should experience at least once, even better several times.

Casualmere Little Black Dress

Casualmere Little Black Dress

Check out the Puakea Ranch web site…check out Trip Advisor’s rave recommendations…make a reservation…and check in ASAP.  Be sure to order Casualmere® brand bamboo luxury tops…perfect for the Hawaii tropics weather…they take little space in you luggage…the women should be sure to order our Casualmere® basic “vacation perfect” dress and men need at least one (better two) of the “famous men’s bamboo breathing-wicking t-shirt” then enjoy!  Your Casualmere® eco-clothing tops made from 100% bamboo are moisture wicking, cool and comfortable, as well as reputed to be antibacterial.  Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes as you will want to locally explore the ancient wonders of “the Big Island”.

Don’t be concerned about missing Honolulu or Waikiki beach…you can see those tourists anywhere…on any large cruise or at home.


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