Dude…10 suggestions…what (not) to wear on a first (or second) date.


  1. Whatever you do, don’t wear khakis…nice, dark jeans are appropriate almost everywhere today.

    Casualmere shirts His & Hers

    Casualmere shirts His & Hers

  2. Give the striped dress shirt a rest…Give the striped dress shirt a rest…Give the striped dress shirt a rest…Get it?…don’t wear it.
  3.  A little color goes a long way…a little.  Black, Charcoal Grey, and Navy will never betray you.  Leave the brown for someone else.  Black is a power color….start being in charge now.
  4. Skip the skate brand printed shirt, wrestling shirt or NASCAR shirt, also your pro team shirt or jersey, be a grown-up.
  5. Pay attention to your footwear…women notice shoes… make ‘em new, or expensive in appearance….absolutely must be clean and maintained.
  6. Don’t forget the details…socks…haircut…teeth…deodorant…belt…stuff that should be automatic but too often are not.
  7. Turn off your cellphone…

    No phone while dining

    No phone while dining

  8. Prepare yourself to listen…
  9. Wear a Casualmere® eco-friendly t-shirt or polo style shirt…look and feel elegant…and soft to the touch…just in case touching comes into play.
  10. Being cool all the time takes work…and thought…and practice…study.


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One Response to Dude…10 suggestions…what (not) to wear on a first (or second) date.

  1. pjom67 says:

    Loved your list of what to wear and what not to wear. We couldn’t agree more about your suggestions. Most especially, what you wear on your feet. Check out our 80% bamboo rayon socks. They are as soft as cashmere on the feet. Once you have tried them you will throw out all the other socks in your drawer. We are all about soft and eco-friendly choices. Shop on-line at http://www.showyourcondomsocks.com. They come in sets of three instead of a pair. They are color-coordinated and thematically matched, but each sock in the set is different.

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