Your “panache” …with our little bamboo dress…Dude…she’s Hot!

Casualmere short sleeve, scoop neck, knit dress.

Casualmere short sleeve, scoop neck, knit dress.

We have a perfect dress and today we are going to brag about it a bit. Recommendations about this special piece of bamboo knit clothing are scattered all over the internet:

Here is one at Mom in Training…a nice review…………………………..

Here another at Rachels Reviews and Giveaways.

Here is one at Family Focus Blog………………………

…as I said they are all over the place and glowing.  Why?…easy…it is a basic design that can be given added excitement with your own (or our) accessories…it becomes YOU.  Just add some panache and make it your signature look.

Guys, this is a great gift…birthday…anniversary…or just for “love”. Not only will she look good in it…she will feel great…really…just feel it when she wears it!  This is a “touchy-feely”   dress.

Bamboo Casualmere brand image.

Bamboo Casualmere® brand image.

One can easily throw on this dress then go to her accessories closet or box and start making “her look”.  Earrings…bracelets…bambooscarves…belt…necklaces…all stand out against this luxurious…softly draping…knit dress.  The nice thing is this knit dress is made from viscose made from 100% Bamboo, is totally eco-friendly, and caresses the skin.

The scoop neck is perfect for highlighting your favorite necklace, and sexy without being too low for the more modest wearer.  The short sleeves compliment everyone’s arms, not just the fashionably thin.  The dress length…somewhat depending on your height…is short enough to be “in style” and long enough to be elegantly appropriate for a more “grown up” woman.

This blog All RubyCakes not only recommends our dress, but all the other bamboo eco-freindly items from Casualmere® brand.  …And NO, these articles are not paid articles, they reflect the writers honest opinion. 

We write regularly about Luxury Eco-vacation retreats, Bed and Breakfasts, Resorts, Spas, and more…our Casualmere® brand clothing is perfect for venues such as these, and the fine bamboo fiber, makes an elegant garment that packs very efficiently.  Three Casualmere® tops can be packed in the space of one cotton top.  The Casualmere® basic dress takes almost no packing space! One must try it to experience it!

click on image.

Any of our Casualmere® brand bamboo items can be washed…not dry cleaned…in cool water…partially machine dried…then hung to complete drying.  THEN REMOVE from the hanger…as you should any luxury knit fiber garment…so the shoulders don’t stretch from the hanger making “hanger shoulder”.  Fold it and it awaits your call.

Well under $40 it is easily accessible luxury, an eco-lifestyle choice…fashionable…and absolutely will be good for your “relationship”.

This is a perfect First Date dress…or Second Date dress…or…well you get it.  Also, there is no scratchy tag to embarrass you with an itchy neck…the logo, care and fabric info is softly screened for your pleasure.

In addition to black…our Little Black Dress…we also offer it in Navy, Light Grey, and a Golden Tan color.


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