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Dude…Laugh…Listen… survey says… it’s what women want in a guy… pay attention to your appearance too.

Men’s Health magazine…not Cosmo… did surveys about what women want in a man…there were several categories… since it is common knowledge that blogs with headlines like “5 things…” or “10 things…” attract readers they composed several articles out of the … Continue reading

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LED Bulbs Can Last More than 20 Years..What! Watt? …and light you up!

Here’s an idea… a 20 year light bulb? Ed Crawford, of lighting giant Philips, said his company’s new 75-watt equivalent LED bulb, which uses a yellow filter to create the same color light as an incandescent bulb, is 80 percent … Continue reading

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Dude…first-date conversation starters … as if she needs help in talking…do’s and don’ts

We ran across 10 recommendations for conversation starters while surfing the other day…we Did Not Like Them…They were…in reverse order: Avoid her past
. Got any brothers or sisters? Traveled anywhere special? Drinks, anyone? Any career plans? How’s your job? Got … Continue reading

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