What’s grown in Vegas…gets eaten in Vegas…as in Shrimp…as in Scampi.

Luxury seafood being grown in Las Vegas?  Our local paper’s web site, The Las Vegas Sun,  reports that delicious shrimp are being grown in Las Vegas…a desert town…gotta love it.   The growers, Blue Oasis, re-use…re-circulate the water too…eco-friendly in Sin City!

Shrimp appetizer

Shrimp appetizer

One extra advantage to the local seafood?… reported by a skilled gourmet chef who has tested the flavor of the shrimp… is that fresh Shrimp can be served with the head on for an elegant presentation…here’s lookin’ at you kid.  He says they are very tasty too…kind of sweet.

From the Blue Oasis web site: …The shrimp are raised in a manner free of all chemicals and outside environmental influences…The shrimp live in a safe, parasite fee environment devoid of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides…Unlike most frozen, imported shrimp, we do not use a water retention chemical called Tri-Poly Phosphate (TPP) or preservatives (like sodium bi-sulfites), which are often used to mask unsavory appearance and to extend shelf-life. The results are a natural, healthy product produced in a sustainable way.

Those water retention chemicals also cause you to fill-up more quickly with water.  Come to Las Vegas…eat local shrimp…eat luxuriously and be eco-friendly a the same time!  Some restaurants using “LVShrimp” early-on are listed in the Sun article linked above…

Casualmere® bamboo clothing avitar.

Casualmere® bamboo clothing symbol.

More eco-conscious companies are coming to the desert to join Casualmere® bamboo clothing as a home.  Info on local Vegas area solar farms later…

Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp contain only one gram of fat per 4oz serving…healthy…keeping you “looking hot” in your knit Casualmere® dress or your fitted, V-neck, men’s bamboo tee shirt…even after dinner…show those guns (biceps) guys.


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