Dude…What NOT to do on a 1st date…don’t blow it.

We previously, July 29, advised on what to wear on your 1st date, including a Casualmere® luxury eco-shirt.  Here are 10 ideas on what NOT to DO on a 1st date.

1/  No movie!  You want this lady to be into you…you need to talk…not give your attention to a movie…sitting on a park bench is a better idea than a movie.

A good first date.

A good first date.

Plus, a bad movie selection can make a bad date experience.  NOTE: A concert invite is OK if you are reaching way above your usual woman “Hot” level…it shows serious effort, interest and aspiration.  But it is an speculative investment.

2/  Don’t drive too far.  Same thing…you want to read her face as you talk, you want to look in her eyes, you want to show a nice subtle smile in appreciation of her conversation.  You certainly don’t want her sleeping on the way home.

3/  Don’t talk about other women…or ex-girlfriends…or your mother…or “Hot” celebrities.  Talk about her…ask her questions because you are interested in her.

4/  Don’t dominate the conversation.  Realize…men talk about ideas (or sports…remember you can’t talk about other women) and women talk about people.  Let her talk about whatever she likes, listen and try to hear hints in what she is saying…is it good or bad for you as a couple…long-term.

Classic boring guy

Classic boring guy

5/  Don’t talk about your smart-phone, your geeky hobby, star-wars or Hobbits.  Talk about aspirations, goals, things you like about the world, neutral stuff till you figure out your compatibility.  Talk about music…it is always neutral and can be interesting and you can explore for common likes.

6/ Don’t make it a real late night…unless you are out and its going so well an obvious hook-up is in the works.  (Only she knows for sure.) Otherwise, keep it short and sweet.  Start late enough so a shorter date is possible.  Time it so you don’t take her home (or back to her car) too early, yet the date is not too long…it is a 1st date.

7/  Don’t answer your phone.  If she answers hers, it’s a sign…not a good one.  If she asks why you aren’t answering yours, first turn the phone off, then say “This is my time with you….others can wait”.  If she answers hers again, you shouldn’t plan on a second date…unless she is a Dr. on call…You would just be consenting to be a yo-yo of her ego.

8/  If you like her don’t wait to make a follow up call more than the next day.  Just call her and say “I don’t have a reason to call except to say ‘Hi’…and it was nice yesterday.”  If she likes you she will take it from there.  If not…move on.

Getting along just fine

Getting along just fine

9/  Don’t ruin it…remember, she decided if you two can hook-up within the first 15 minutes, all you can do is blow it.

10/  Don’t forget condoms…now or ever.


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