Too Cool luxury “green” boutique hotel in New Orleans…International House…excellent!

International House Hotel Exterior

International House Hotel Exterior

The International House Hotel opened as one of New Orleans’ first boutique luxury hotels in 1998.  The historic recycled building housing the beautiful International House served as the first World Trade Center in the 1940s. The lobby retains the old New Orleans architecture with hip furnishings in a traditional NOLA feel.  The International House is located two blocks from the French Quarter in the historic Central Business District of New Orleans.

loa Lounge

loa Lounge

We like it for two excellent reasons…New Orleans deserves our attentions as a truly USA heritage city, with more history than plastic bead necklaces…and…it is a “eco-green” hotel honoring worldwide eco efforts at conservation.

The International Hotel has reduced annual energy use by more than 70,000 kilowatt hours, or 91,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of avoiding conventional electricity in 8 homes or planting 500 mature trees. per their web site.

international House Room

international House Room

The guest rooms are soothing spaces in which to relax, sleep and/or work, celebrating contemporary New Orleans style. An average size room size is 300 square feet.

One could wax romantic forever about New Orleans and its unique experience.  Suffice us to say pack your Casualmere® bamboo tops, bring her bamboo basic dress perfect for all NOLA venues, your perfect travel casual luxury wear, and enjoy.

Intl House dining room

Intl House dining room

Diet long-time before your NOLA trip as it is one of the gourmet capitols of the world, featuring Creole as its main identity…but with many culinary styles for any taste.  This is…after all…the home of “BAM”…you know that chef.

The International is a member of the “Green” Hotels Association, qualifying with many green initiatives in its daily operations.  Some efforts: Eco-­‐friendly
AVEDA amenities…fluorescent and LED lamps…programmable thermostats…free parking for alternative fuel vehicles…linen reuse program…high efficiency sink faucets…high efficiency shower heads…non-toxic almost everything, and a LOT more.

Intl House balcony view

International House balcony view

This is affordable luxury travel, green eco-travel, and a wonderful experience as well.

Check out the International House web-site…the site  is not as wonderful as it should be for this excellent boutique hotel facility…but the information you will need is all there, make your plans, get your Casualmere® eco-clothing, and take off.

NOLA street parade

NOLA street parade

Here is a great link to What to Do In New Orleans…good luck staying in NOLA long enough to do as many of these as you hope. This site includes special events, restaurants, and much more.


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