Historic Bed and B’fast in N. Carolina…organic food..200 year old “re-no” buildings.

The Mast Farm Inn is a luxurious lodging site in the mountains of N. Carolina consisting of 7 rooms… and 7 cabins… all renovated from historic facilities.

National Registry Plaque

National Registry Plaque

The Mast Farm was placed on the Registry of Historic Places by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior in 1972.  A Joseph Mast built the first cabin in the early 1800’s and it is still stands today.

Mast Farm Inn exterior view

Mast Farm Inn exterior view

From the web site: “The Mast Farm Inn has influenced us as a family and as entrepreneurs in very profound ways because its heritage and legacy is so present, real and authentic. It is in many ways what we believe in …  It is way beyond the customary facade and bluff of many enterprises. …It is the real thing…preserved, alive and inspiring. It presents itself to the world without pomposity or pretense, as it is. …we seek to respect its simple and profound dignity. We attempt to collaborate with what it is, as it preceded us, and will continue long after us. “

Organic Garden - Photo by Marie Freeman

Organic Garden - Photo by Marie Freeman

The restaurant ‘Simplicity at the Mast Farm Inn‘ is an award winning dining experience…serving organic…gourmet yet farm-style meals in a homelike relaxed atmosphere…simple luxury!  In the growing season the restaurant uses produce from their own organic farm garden, pasture raised meats, free-range dairy and eggs, and ingredients purchased as much as possible from local organic farmers and growers. Out of season, it will still be as natural and organic…as can be made, it may come from further away…but minus the chemicals.

Vining Room

Vining Room

The Mast Farm Inn also boasts a School of Cooking associated with its restaurant.  It goal is… to”Reflect On The Profound Significance, Complexity and Ultimate Simplicity Of The Egg; Without Turning It Into A Religion, Adopting A Bit Of The Slow Food Philosophy and Getting Back To Basics Can Make A Real Difference In Your Life, and In The Lives Of Those For Whom You Care, For The Rest Of Your & Their Lives.”

Dining on George Terrace -Photo by George Gardner

Dining on the Terrace -Photo by George Gardner

Activities in the Inn’s vicinity…Historic Valle Crucis, NC…include trout fishing, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, and much more.  There are several festivals in the area throughout the year and links to many activities can be found on the Inn’s web site link page.

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Map to Mast Farm Inn

Map to Mast Farm Inn

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