Studs (guys) in T-shirts …no imprints … a men’s fashion suggestion from Casualmere® Bamboo eco-clothing.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

First let us be clear…none of the celebrities shown here are wearing Casualmere® bamboo t-shirts…yet.  BUT…these commonly seen celebrity  images demonstrate that men look great in solid t-shirts with NO print on the shirt.  The t-shirt then becomes an easel for the wearer’s face, smile, and body.  Casualmere® suggests you frequently dress in solid crew or V-neck fitted t-shirts made from eco-friendly Bamboo.

Mark Walberg

Mark Walberg

Why Bamboo?…the Bamboo plant grows naturally with no need for pesticides (unlike cotton)…no need for fertilizers (unlike cotton)…no heavy watering (unlike cotton)…and little soil disturbance…growers don’t need to plow and till the earth excessively.  As significant is the fact

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe

that harvested Bamboo plants will re-grow/replenish themselves in only 3-4 years naturally…and be ready for harvest again.  3-4 years may sound slow for a ground crop, but bamboo grows into a tree size plant most of which can be used in fabric production…Bamboo really is an earth friendly plant.

You will note that similar to natural linen and other Rayon fibers, the bamboo plant is processed into what the FTC calls viscose (or rayon) made from Bamboo, which is how we label it.  This process results in a Bamboo based fabric that is the softest fabric you will ever experience.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J

The Bamboo fiber is a long, thin, strong, smooth-surfaced fiber (unlike most cotton) which results in a garment that seems thin at first, but is actually heavier in weight than comparable cotton, or polyester garments.  Thus Casualmere®…our Bamboo knit fabric…is PERFECT for packing and wearing while traveling.

Our Casualmere® brand knit tops are moisture Wicking, so you almost always feel dry.  The fabric attracts the moisture (perspiration) off the wearer’s skin then evaporates it off the fabric.  Anecdotal evidence is that the expected residue odor is not retained.  Throughout the rest of the world this is known as the anti-bacterial effect of Bamboo…we have no domestic testing of this feature…other than our experience…you can check it out yourself.  The Wicking feature results in black or other dark color shirts that are still comfortable in hot, humid summer weather.

Larry Page & Sergey-Brin   -Google co-founders

Larry Page & Sergey-Brin -Google t-shirts.

As to care…Casualmere® is washable.  We recommend you wash your Casualmere® separately in cool water…machine dry only partially (take it out while still damp)…and hang to finish drying.  This will eliminate wrinkles.  As so0n as its dry, take if off the hanger to avoid typical knit shirt “hanger shoulder” bumps.  Fold your Casualmere® till ready for wear.  Remember, Casualmere® is a luxury fabric, like a silk or fine cashmere sweater, treat it with respect so you look elegant easily for a long time.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Casualmere® is a great travel garment.  The fine fiber folds very flat, and takes little space in your luggage.  Our experience is that one can pack 3-4 Casualmere® tops…even including our collared golf shirt  …in the same space taken up by a single cotton t-shirt…plus, when worn, Casualmere® looks soooooooo much better!

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

In these times saving the cost on checked luggage can return you enough for several Casualmere® Bamboo eco- friendly t-shirts.  We typically only use roll-on bags for travel…try it…you’ll love it.  You will arrive with a full choice of Bamboo shirts with no extra luggage required.

Casualmere® guy wearing black basic T- texting

Casualmere® guy wearing black basic T- texting

So…we do have lots of reasons to presume to suggest to you an alternate way to look & dress;…a natural source for our fiber developed by Mother Earth – Bamboo…a comfortable, moisture wicking fabric – Casualmere®…a great draping and feeling garment…and an appearance when worn that women LOVE…and love to touch.

We have produced our bamboo t-shirts for men in power colors of Black, Navy, and Olive-Grey plus more fashion colors; Cobalt Blue, Golden-Tan, Light Grey, and White.

Of course we make women’s short sleeve and long sleeve tops too, in basics…and a great sexy dress…so the lady can feel and look good too in Bamboo…and you will love the way they feel!


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2 Responses to Studs (guys) in T-shirts …no imprints … a men’s fashion suggestion from Casualmere® Bamboo eco-clothing.

  1. bonkasaurus says:

    I love men in plain solid vnecks! I’m such a sucker for a guy with a nice upper body in a well fitted tshirt. And Ryan Reynolds looks delicious in anything :))

    -Bianca at

  2. I think my husband would look good in one of your polos, in fact I’d love to feature it on my blog since the Casualmere dress I reviewed was so popular. Re-tweeted to get the word out 🙂

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