5 Guys burgers 3rd Vegas store open now… yahoo… on the West side on Flamingo

5 Guys Logo

5 Guys Logo

It seems to still be a secret …we had to go to the FIVE Guys web site to find the address for the new Las Vegas westside location.  We stumbled upon it on the way to dinner at the wonderful Sedona Restaurant right next door…an excellent meal at Sedona…our virgin trip there.


FIVE GUYS -burger...looks like a double w/ cheese...health food...a single will do just fine.

The FIVE GUYS’ new address is 9484 W. Flamingo, just off the 215 Beltway West at Flamingo…you can go directly from McCarran airport after arrival…take the tunnel to 215 West.  If you are going to the Red Rock Resort & Casino …skillfully reviewed here by us…it’s on the way…tip the Red Rock limo driver, it’s a rust color limo, to stop off…buy him a burger.

Being FIVE Guys Fanatics (FGF’s) we had to share this info on their newest location near our west-side Vegas home.  We had lunch there Sunday… mmmmmmmmmm …as usual… sorry In & Out …though you are very good too.  FYI, we have no connection to FIVE Guys…just fans.  This is a Casualmere® Bamboo clothing blog PSA (Public Service Announcement).



Oh, there are two more FIVE Guys in Las Vegas, one in Henderson on Eastern Ave. and one in the Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas.  You can find them yourself…you should put out some effort for this burger Luxury.

We shouldn’t need to tell you how good they are…they are…good…very good.

Put a napkin in your neck so you don’t drip ketchup on your Bamboo Casualmere® top.

You’re welcome.


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