LED Bulbs Can Last More than 20 Years..What! Watt? …and light you up!



Here’s an idea… a 20 year light bulb? Ed Crawford, of lighting giant Philips, said his company’s new 75-watt equivalent LED bulb, which uses a yellow filter to create the same color light as an incandescent bulb, is 80 percent more energy efficient and lasts 25 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb.

LED bulb

LED bulb

“With this light bulb if you screw one into your nursery when your child is born, you won’t have to replace it until they’re out of college,” Crawford said.

Spark Energy says the first LED (light emitting diodes) light bulbs capable of producing the same amount of light as a conventional 100-watt incandescent bulb promise a future full of lower electric bills…most excellent!

LED Solar Lawn Lamp

LED Solar Lawn Lamp

LED bulbs are coming soon…estimates are fall this year 2011… to be distributed by companies such as…Switch Lighting, from California…Lighting Sciences Group Corp., from Florida;…and Osram Sylvania, (a unit of Germany’s Siemens A)… made their debut at the 2011 Lightfair International Trade Show.

You know LED’S…the digital watch light…and the light on the blankety-blank elevator buttons…yes, that little blue light…LED technology has advanced so LED lights have become bright enough for everyday use…like in street lamps and office lighting…and your house too.  Thankfully engineers have gotten better at filtering out the often-criticized bluish tint of LEDs…and…with the incandescent bulb phase-out on the horizon…some in January 2013…16 months…the remainder a year later… demand for energy-efficient LED bulbs is taking off.

LED street light

LED street light without the yellow filter.

Switch Lighting says LED lights will use about 85% less electricity for the light equivalent  of a 100 Watt light bulb…think about that number…85% less…remember your math?…that’s a lot!  With expectations of everyone having at least 7 personal communication devices in 20 years…all using electricity…85% less used for lighting is a great development.  Our electric grid is stressed enough as it is now…and little is being done about that problem…see our previous power grid blog.

Ceiling Panel Lights

Ceiling Panel LED Lights

Solar applications of LED lighting are being used currently, and make all the sense in the world to us at Casualmere®.  We love any natural applications of energy or resources.  We believe in the use of fabric made from naturally growing bamboo, not needing pesticides or fertilizers…or even excessive soil disturbance.  We are trying to do our part and are glad to see earth friendly developments like LED lighting getting wider spread usage.


Example of Solar LED Street Light - 60 Watt

Switch Lighting also advised all parts and components of the bulbs can be reused, recycled, or reclaimed so there is very little chance anything will end up in a landfill.  Another good thing.  Of course the LED bulbs won’t be cheap…but if they last 20 years…they will pay for themselves in the first year or so.

Get yours…save $$$ on electric bills…


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