Dude…Laugh…Listen… survey says… it’s what women want in a guy… pay attention to your appearance too.

Finishing thFinishing dating the survey...hopefully with truthful answers.e survey...hopefully with truthful answers.

Finishing dating the survey...hopefully with truthful answers.

Men’s Health magazine…not Cosmo… did surveys about what women want in a man…there were several categories… since it is common knowledge that blogs with headlines like “5 things…” or “10 things…” attract readers they composed several articles out of the results with numbers in the headline…we find if we say “Dude” in the headline you know who we mean…you…and our take on life is super realistic as you will see.  They assembled the statistics…we interpret them here…for your use.

What not to do...all muscles.

What not to do...all muscles.

Here is one of the most interesting…but not surprising…comparisons and contrasts of the results.  In the top 5 Physical attributes the top was a Sense of Style… 3 of the other 4 were things you can’t do much about…handsome…tall…muscular…and the last was “fitness”…which you can do something about.  But the interesting part is…of all these choices the “Sense of Style” peaked at only 30% of all respondents even though it was the highest of the five.  Now…stay with us…this is a physical world.

Lime green t-shirt AND an imprint...ugh.

Lime green t-shirt AND an imprint...ugh. He must have a great sense of humor.

…In the Personality Traits category …get this…the highest trait at 77% of respondents was a Sense of Humor!…more than double the highest Physical trait.  You can certainly do something about this!  Other Personality traits were… intelligence (good luck, study up) 55%…passion 46%… confidence 41%…generosity 38%.  Notice anything?…  All the Personality traits rate higher than the highest physical traits.  Good news for you…you an do something about all of them.

Content woman

Content woman

The highest Practical Skill was Listening 53%...we’ve been telling you about this “listening” thing…our practical experience says it should be about 95%…But it is still a lot higher in priority than any physical attribute.

The final category is Character Traits…careful here…potential trouble looms.  Of course 84% of respondents picked Faithfulness…big surprise.  The others are dependability 75%…kindness 67%…moral integrity 66%, fatherliness 51%.  …Yes, Fatherliness.  We could do an entire series of articles of about why Faterliness is included…but suffice to say it’s an all encompassing term that answers the question “would I want this guy to father my kids?”  Note here about this category of Character Traits…the lowest of these is still over 50%…so “shape up”.

Casualmere Bamboo crew neck men's t-shirt.

Style - Casualmere Bamboo crew neck men's t-shirt.

So… we can tell you this from the supposed results… 1/  This wasn’t a Cosmo article it was Men’s Health …so maybe conclusions can be made.  2/  For at least the first couple of dates you can control most important traits the woman will be able to see …Sense of Humor…Listening …and Style.  You can make yourself good at these with some thought and effort.  We feel this is good advice.  Actually she will be making decisions after the first 15 minutes so figure a way…or be a way…that demonstrates these three traits  soon… often… and…obviously.  Dress good for sure.

The best Sense of Humor… that also demonstrates confidence and intelligence…as well as overall character…is the ability to participate in “self-deprecation” in you humor…(ie:  Not be afraid of making fun of yourself).  It has been our experience that this ability makes all of life much easier …and it is a good way to judge the character of others… guys and women.  The lack of it is a pointer to insecurity.

2 guys with style - 2 women too.

2 guys with Style - 2 women who like style.

We are here to practically help you with Sense of Style (30%), the top ranking in Physical Attributes.  Click here on Casualmere® bamboo Eco-clothing and check out basic Bamboo crew neck t-shirts, and V-neck fitted t-shirt, long sleeve Bamboo shirt and golf-polo type shirt…all in super soft (for her benefit) viscose knit made from Bamboo.  Here is an article that strongly suggests how to wear the above basics… read it and heed it …you will be glad you did.


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