Casualmere® recommends The Serrano…Eco boutique hotel….in “The City” …San Francisco

Serrano Hotel - San Francisco - Lobby

Serrano Hotel - San Francisco - Lobby

A nation-wide hotel chain we really Eco-appreciate…based in San Francisco…Kimpton Hotels is/are very Eco Friendly.  We are highlighting the Serrano in downtown San Francisco in the theater district…just because we want to…and it is a boutique hotel…our favorite type hotel.  And a great stay with your “true love” for a weekend in San Francisco.

San Francisco Veiw from Russion Hill

San Francisco View from Russian Hill

This is great time to plan a trip to the “City” anyway, as summer weather in San Francisco is best in September and October…classically.

Kimpton Hotels include about 53 properties in 16 states…all in affordable luxury…which include 9 in the “City”…that’s how San Franciscans refer to their home…and never “Frisco”…so be correct if you want good service everywhere.

Serrano Hotel - San Francosco - Suite with a view

Serrano Hotel - San Francisco - Suite with a view

The Serrrano…as do most Kimpton properties…offer a generous parking discount to guests who arrive with a hybrid vehicle…even a rental…a good idea which shows they are serious about being and promoting Eco awareness.    This link will take you to links and info of all the Kimpton Eco programs…impressive!

Hosted Wine Hour at Serrano Hotel San Francosco - Every Evening from 5 – 6 pm

Hosted Wine Hour at Serrano Hotel San Francisco - Every Evening from 5 – 6 pm

Here is a listing from their web site of just the restaurant Eco efforts they implement…

Food, Water and Wine
-In-house purified water available through a national partnership with Natura® which will include a Kimpton contribution from most restaurants, equal to five percent of each bottle sold, and an additional donation from Natura® to The Nature Conservancy
-30 percent of wine lists will begin to feature E

co-friendly selections, including organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines from small and large producers
-Only sustainable seafood selections are offered at restaurants, in accordance with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program
-Organic wine served/including wines by the glass
-Organic coffee served in all restaurants and at all functions
-Quarterly menu specials featuring all organic and all sustainable foods.

Serrano Hotel - San Francisco - Fitness Center

Serrano Hotel - San Francisco - Fitness Center

-Menus printed on EPA minimum post consumer recycled content paper
-Administrative offices print on post consumer recycled content copy paper (EPA minimum or greater)
-ToGo coffee cups—recycled content or eco-friendly materials
-ToGo paper bags—unbleached or made with recycled content

Serrano Hotel - San Francisco-Front View

Serrano Hotel - San Francisco-Front View

Water Management
-Restaurant line faucets use low flow aerators
-Restaurant dish rinse sprayers use low flow spray valves
-Use of microbe or enzyme cleaners (where available)

-Motion sensors installed in low occupancy storage areas
-Restaurant exit signs use LED lighting
-Kitchen and back of house lights use energy efficient bulbs
-Preferred purchasing policy to acquire energy efficient equipment

San Francisco Cable Cars

San Francisco Cable Cars

Waste Management
-Compost (where municipal services available)
-Involvement in food donation program (where available)
-Recycling of cardboard
-Recycling of paper
-Recycling of glass (where municipal services available)
-Recycling of cans (where municipal services available)
-Recycling of plastic (where municipal services available)
-Washable mugs and glasses used for employee beverages

Sausalito, CA

Sausalito, CA

If you have not yet experienced “The City”…San Francisco…do put it on your “bucket list” it is a truly beautiful city…with a great history…fabulous restaurants…shopping neighborhoods…and the San Francisco bay and Golden Gate bridge are a must to see.

Golden Gate bridge

Golden Gate bridge

San Francisco is a very romantic city where you can walk-tour the waterfront (Embarcadero) … the touristy Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39 with their shops and crab restaurants…we can strongly recommend getting a car and driving across the Golden Gate to Sausalito for a breakfast or lunch with a priceless view.

Don’t forget a photo of the cable cars, and Alcatraz.

So check out the Kimpton Hotels web site, pick your San Francisco…or other …location and enjoy a great stay and Eco friendly too.


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