What exactly is “Luxury”? …and why? Don’t take your Luxury for granted.

In research for blog articles including a Luxury (Luxe) theme we realize one person’s Luxury is not necessarily the same as another person’s  Luxury. 

Rodian Amathus Beach 5 Star Resort Rhodes Greece

Rodian Amathus Beach 5 Star Resort Rhodes Greece

Classic comparisons are a 5 Star resort vs. a cottage or condo.  Some…like us…would much prefer a private condo or cottage than a 4 or 5 Star resort.



We don’t want to deal with obsequious staff and the comparing money spent on swim suit and jewelry while enjoying a vacation…thats just not luxurious to us…it is to others.  We like to mix our own drinks and not mess with little umbrellas…others like to feel they have “arrived”…they want to be waited on hand and foot… as they say… and that’s OK too.

Not so Classic comparisons are having Clean Fresh Water to drink vs. a polluted stream or river.  Clean water is a Luxury to many…sadly…in many places in this world…it is not a commodity …as it is here in most of the U.S.  …We have blogged about Eco-methods of getting clean water previously…here.

Luxury...running water near ones home.

Luxury...running water near ones home.

Drinkable water…for millions…is a serious issue on this beautiful blue planet with 3/4 of its surface covered in water…an odd dichotomy.

We write about Luxury since we consider our Bamboo Casualmere® shirts a “Luxury considerably above the commodity of a cotton t-shirt.  Casualmere® Bamboo fabric is to be compared to silk or cashmere-wool for Luxury, but more casual in usage…and cost.  Writing about water as a luxury is a realization that we need to be even more world-aware that we are.

Plastic trash floating in sea off Belize     Eco awareness makes us realize daily, that living on this planet is a Luxury,… lasting only as long as we don’t turn it into something less…with many of our old (and current)…habits.  We worry that our Luxury has no right to deplete or steal another’s Luxury.

To us one definition of Luxury means oceans without the sea trash from ships and the thoughtless dumping of others into the sea. … Luxury means knowing that great effort is going into sustaining drinking water for many in the world that cannot take it for granted.  We think that your opinion is very much the same…that is why you read a blog written by purveyors of Luxury fabric made from an Eco-friendly source… Bamboo.  We are doing what we can by encouraging the use of bamboo instead of very Eco-unfriendly cotton, which requires …pesticides…fertilizer… and serious soil depletion.

USA Power Grid map - Wikipedia

USA Power Grid map - Wikipedia

Luxury can mean having lights that go on when a switch is thrown …this is not a given everywhere.  And if we don’t pay attention to our national electric grid it won’t continue to be a Luxury here in the USA either.  We wrote about this earlier here…and will continue to do so.  Or it can mean a wrist watch others will oogle.

Rolex Deep Sea

Rolex Deep Sea

So keep in mind Luxury you can access should be cherished as much as enjoyed…and those whose luxury is yet to be realized…may need your help.

So enjoy your particular luxury in your particular way… and please help us work toward extending the possibility of  Luxury for our children and grandchildren…and especially those we don’t even know …who will follow us into the future of Earth.

Further education about thoughts above are as close as a Google search for “ocean trash”, … or “world water shortage”, or … well you get the idea.  Maybe you will get involved too.  Make knowledge one of your Luxuries.


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