The correct (less than) 10 traits men want in women? Dude… get real …there are 2.



Recently we found a list of: 10 Traits men want in women.  We have listed them here (below) without the paragraphs of explanation …because the explanations don’t make the points any more correct.  Wadda-you think of these?

  1. She has a life of her own  — and it’s pretty good to boot.
  2. She never makes the first move.
  3. She is sexy without being trampy.
  4. She waits to have sex.
  5. She does little things to show she cares.
  6. She should be her boyfriend’s best wingman — err, wing woman.
  7. She never turns on the pressure.
  8. She does not take any crap — from anyone.
  9. A good woman always chooses a good man.
She knows that love is the biggest part of the mating equation.

dress-up-nurse - tramp or fun?

OK…after reading the list… what is obvious?  It was written by a woman!  How would she know? And …our thinking is …a woman with limited experience with men.  I can just hear the list-maker bouncing it off her BF or husband and him saying …”of course dear”… the spineless wimp.

Men know there are not 10 things they want from a woman to be happy… not at any given time.  Of course what they want varies depending on their place in life …young single & dating …hooked up in a relationship … married …divorced …older “grown-up” and dating, etc.

But generally… here is our take on the subject …we welcome your comments…

1/  Men want “Hot” women. Men are visual…they have been visual since they first walked up-right …we want her to be “Hot”.


whispering "dirty" things?

Even guys that are not “Hot” want a woman that is “Hot”…that’s why the fashion & cosmetic industries are so huge.  Now “Hot” can mean a lot of different things to different guys.  So a woman needs to present herself to be “Hot” to her target audience.  How to do that is a subject for many blogs …and lots of opinions …tall vs. short… slim vs. not …blonde vs. other … sexy dresser vs. not …sultry vs. happy …”man’s woman” vs. “woman’s woman” … and more.


OMG-this is not "Hot". She needs Casualmere® severely.

By the way…of the traits on the list above …#9 is absurd.  Every guy can list a good woman or two they know/knew that picks a “bad” man almost serially …continuously in life.  Or a woman that just “lost it” to a bad guy even though she is a good woman.

2/  Men want (good) sex.  There isn’t much more to add to this …men just do. The parenthesis ( ) is meant to imply that most sex is good to men …even bad sex …to some degree.  A guy needs to have enough sex to know the difference between good & bad …that takes time… and a few good experiences.

And …that’s about it.  Two things men want in women.  All the rest is gravy.  “Hot” & Sex are the mashed potatoes. (Note to Dan Quayle: There is an “e” at the end of Potato when it is plural with an “s” after it.).  Sorry …couldn’t resist.

car sex

car sex ?

Regarding some of the other items listed that sparked this reply.

It IS OK for her to make the first move …of course it is!  For instance…the list-maker has obviously never been a guy trying to “cut out” a “Hottie” from a large group of her friends.  It’s tricky… and a little help from her is a good time-saver if she is interested.  Also, an out-of-the-blue overt approach by her… done well… is rarely bad.  Obviously the list-maker does not have this skill.

“Trampy” is vague and subjective.  Anyway… occasional Trampy is a fun thing …some men like “Trampy” full-time.  So wrong again.

Happy Hug

Happy Hug

Being a good “wing-man/woman” for your guy will accomplish one thing …it will help him “hook up” with another woman.  There is no term “wing-woman” for a very good reason.  It’s failure wrapped up in quotes.

If she does “little things” to show she cares it’s still only gravy …”big things” are more likely to be noticed …and appreciated …and remembered by him.  “Little things” are those that pop up in later arguments when she feels UN-appreciated and says “remember when I did _____” for you…you ingrate?”

#7 is correct.  Good …she got one right.

Too many bath candles

Too many bath candles

Friendship is very important to a long lasting relationship …but that’s gravy …very important gravy…especially when just dating.

We can’t figure out what #10 means …unless it means a woman justifies being “with” a guy only because she is “in love” with him.  Life experience puts that idea to rest.   But …being in love is a nice thing …but it is not germane to the discussion.

#8 is OK.  Not much opinion on this one, or #1 either…at least until we are in a relationship.

So that’s it.  We are a lot simpler than you think.  (Keeping a cold beer in the fridge is always good too.)

Woman Getting ready for date

Woman Getting ready for date

Guys and women alike can help their cause by dressing in Casualmere® Eco-clothing so that when they meet a woman (or guy) they FEEL good… they LOOK good …and its a good conversation starter …see if she is Eco-aware …demonstrate you are with a Bamboo T-shirt.  Casualmere® T-shirts don’t have printed images for her to instinctively dislike …she will focus on the man …not the shirt message.  For her …same effect …the basic Casualmere® bamboo T-top for her lets her be as “Hot” as she really is …no distractions …classy …sexy …direct.  Lots to like.


AND- If you have an opinion …please express it COMMENT  it below …it’s all good.

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