Ladies get “HIM”… your guy … a perfect luxury gift…birthday, anniversary, holiday or just “love”.

Casualmere royal blue long sleeve T-shirt.

Casualmere royal blue long sleeve T-shirt.

Guy’s buying habits are mostly just that ….habits.  Find socks that fit perfectly and are priced right and he will buy them for life.  Find a t-shirt he likes and he will buy them for life …or you will buy them for him because you know he likes them.  Boxers or briefs… same thing.

Why does Hanes advertise cotton underwear T-shirts?  Two reasons; market share and “cheap” competition at Wal-Mart, Kohl’s or Target for the same thing.

How does he, your man, ever find new clothes?  You find them for him…mostly.  Sometimes successfully other times… not-so-much.

Occasionally he sees a T-shirt with a team logo, or a sports brand logo, or even a cage fighting logo.  He wears these for nights-out with the “guys” …not you… he knows better.   Wouldn’t you love to see him in a T-shirt that makes him look elegant… but is still a T-shirt that he would wear on his own.  Well now one exists… and its Eco-friendly too.

Casualmere® guy wearing black basic T- texting.

Casualmere® guy wearing black basic T- texting.

It is Casualmere® brand 100% bamboo T-shirts.  Buy him one for a gift, we suggest black for a starter… and get him started on a new habit.

We make the 3 men’s tops that all men wear most of the time; a basic T-shirt (in both short sleeve and long sleeve versions)… a V-neck, more fitted T-shirt… and a golf (or polo type) collared knit shirt.  Buy him one.

You will love how soft they feel.

You will love how he looks in them.

You will love how nice they wash up.

He will love looking good while feeling comfortable… his main concern.

Golfing in a Casualmere® bamboo shirt.

Golfing in a Casualmere® bamboo shirt.

You will start a new habit for him.  You can follow up with gifts of additional colors … we make 7 …and keep him looking good, and have an easy gift solution for any occasion.  No more ties, no more 6-packs, now something more than a $5.00 gift card and a kiss.

Yes, he’s not easy to buy for… here is a great solution.  Each Casualmere® T-shirt or golf shirt comes packed folded in logo tissue so it is a ready-made gift package.  You can stick a bow on it if you want.  And Casualmere® T-shirts cost less than the flowers he gets for you at the last minute.

Yes, we “build” T-shirts for men …but they are for you too …to make your life easier.

Check out this link to see how we “build” our T-shirts if you aren’t convinced already.


Casualmere® packs 3 for 1 cotton tops.

And finally another benefit… Casualmere® brand 100% bamboo knits shirts are made from a bamboo fiber (viscose made from bamboo) that is very long, strong and fine… not fuzzy… like cotton …so one can pack 3 shirts in the same space one cotton T-shirt takes up in you luggage.  Casualmere® is the best travel clothing.

Go ahead… teach him how to wear a T-shirt that doesn’t have printing all over it… show him how sexy he can look without even trying hard… just getting dressed.

Ordering Casualmere® on-line

Ordering Casualmere® on-line

Another nice thing… Casualmere® T-shirts breathe and wick moisture (sweat) away from the body …fast…and… don’t hold any perspiration odor.  They are perfect for layering too.


AND if you enjoy this blog please “Share” it and “Like” it below.  Welcome to Eco-wear… Casualmere® 100% bamboo clothing.  (We make women’s tops too…and a dress.)

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