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Happily cotton and grain subsidies snuck into the debt reduction Super-committee plan failed too

As a bamboo manufacturer, (we are a pint sized competitor to the massive cotton industry and their lobbying efforts) we pay attention to farm subsidy news.  The more taxes paid to subsidize U.S. cotton growers with their massive production costs … Continue reading

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What in hell is ‘Cap and Trade’ and why do I care?

Do you breathe?  When you go away on vacation do you breathe?  Is it the same air wherever you go…sure it is.  Have you ever said “Ahh, fresh air!”.  Then you should care. There are presently 2 mega-solutions to maintaining … Continue reading

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A vacation pillar in Ft. Lauderdale – The Pillars Hotel – luxury in Florida

Luxury stay in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida…The Pillars Hotel in Fort Lauderdale has announced that its most recent renovation is now complete…and elegant.  Changes include an expansion of the common area as well as the elimination of smaller rooms in favor … Continue reading

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