Bamboo scarves from Casualmere® brand Bamboo clothing- “A kiss on the neck”

Casualmere® bamboo scarf Tan color on Olive Grey top.

Casualmere® bamboo CRINKLE scarf Tan color on Olive Grey top.

With the arrival cooler …or cold… weather neck scarves come out of the drawers.  If a super-soft scarf warming your neck this winter sounds like a great idea, check out Casualmere® brand’s two 100% bamboo scarf styles.  One is a smooth (flat) finish bamboo knit… the other a crinkle-knit, both fashionable for multiple looks.

Both scarf knit finishes come in 7 colors, all basic, that can accent any outfit:  Black, Tan, Navy, Off-White, Red, Plum, and Royal Blue.

All scarves are 80″ long and 18″ wide so you have lots of options on how to drape them about your neck.

The scarves have 3″ fringe on each end for added style and a finished appearance.  Our 100% bamboo fiber (viscose made from bamboo) is the softest fiber known and  has been said to feel like “a kiss on the neck” when worn.

Casualmere® Flat Knit Scarves - 7 colors

Casualmere® Smooth Knit Scarves - 7 colors

Bamboo scarves make perfect gifts for the holidays… a gift giver need not worry about size… and basic colors are wearable with any fashion taste and color combination.  Be a “Bamboo Santa” in 2011 and gift bamboo scarves or T-shirts and/or Golf shirt for men.  Also choose from Scoop neck or V-necktops for women or our great basic Bamboo dress for all occasions.

Plum scarf

Plum scarf

A scarf and top combo are great for that special BF or GF or BFF, wife or husband.

Casualmere® brand bamboo products are shipped the same day (or next day) you order and shipping is only $5 for the first 2 items, and FREE for 3 or more items.


AND- a “Thank you” for reading this far use Code: BLODR at checkout for a 40% holiday discount for your entire order, go to (or click on the image you want to order.)

Casualmere® Crinkle Scarves - 7 colors

Casualmere® Crinkle Scarves - 7 colors

Black Bamboo Scarf on Olive Grey Bamboo top

Black Bamboo Scarf on Olive Grey Bamboo top

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