Luxury bamboo clothing | Casualmere® – great for travel packing

4 Casualmere® tops 2 men & 2 women-lookin' Hot

4 Casualmere® tops 2 men & 2 women-lookin' Hot

Casualmere ® brand is 100% bamboo luxury clothing.  Made from renewable bamboo grass, which needs no pesticides or fertilizers to sustain it fast growth.  Bamboo farms require no excessive soil disturbance or watering, it grows naturally and fast.

Casualmere Little Black Dress

Casualmere Little Black Dress

Bamboo is a very earth friendly plant being very efficient in transferring CO2 to Oxygen and able to propagate itself quickly.  We make our knit Casualmere® fabric …which is a viscose made from bamboo… for our clothing.

Royal Blue Long sleeve T-shirt

Royal Blue Long sleeve T-shirt

The fabric is extremely soft, machine washable, and it breathes when worn.  It is cool in the summer and is a great warm layer next to the body in cold months.

Casualmere® is a luxury fabric, so it prefers to be washed gently with soap that is not excessively harsh.  The best results for washing are to remove it from a warm… not hot …dryer while still somewhat damp …and handing it to finish drying.  This eliminates wrinkles.  Fold Casualmere® when dry and keep it in a drawer.

We recommend making one extra fold in half than the typical retail store fold.  The fine fibers takes much less space than cotton or polyester tops, so the extra fold keeps the garment from getting shuffled around in the drawer between wearings.  This same fine fiber makes your Casualmere® perfect for travel packing …you can pack more items in the same space.


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