More than 500 million people in 175 countries observe Earth Day – It’s April 22- URGENT: what your school can do

School buildingSuggestion for Earth Day events for High Schools… Middle Schools …or Grade Schools.

Make some waves in your community …in teams of two or more …call on managers of local businesses …national chains like hamburger fast food places with arches and thier competition …grocery stores …big-box retailers …and other not-so-large local retailers …local manufacturers… and tell them you are publishing in the local papers and new blogs listings of what they plan to do to make Earth Day a success.  Non participants will be at the top of the publicity listing, then the business with slight effort and then business that are making a significant effort.  Wear sticky name badges with your name and school for added credibility.

High_School_buildingCreate a grading chart to evaluate what you are told they plan to do.  Grade them as you might be graded in school…  A, B, C, D and Failure.

Plan to call on businesses early in March the first time …and then follow up in mid to late March for their plan …that you will grade and publish.  …Give ’em a chance to gear up to their best effort and get corporate approval when needed.  But be sure to let them know you will be back for sure.  Get their name and contact information and give them your contact information to seem professional.

earth-day-2012 logoContact you local newspapers, neighborhood free magazines, local bloggers and advise them of your project and ask for their support, ask to use their name as publishers of the results, and any other support they may want to offer.

Envirolink logoIf a business advises they plan nothing ask “Why not?” and publish the reason… good or weak.  (Click on the EnviroLink logo for more ideas.)

Middle School BuildingCall the mayor”s office, call the county elected officials (often commissioners) call the governor’s office too, why not?  This is a valuable experience for all students to a/ find out who these officials are and b/ learn how to get in touch with them c/experience how to influence them… it will be your world soon you may as well get started taking care of it while still possible.

U.S. EPA logo

U.S. EPA logo

Go to your local Fire Station and Police Department and see if they will cooperate in any way …they are busy and under duress all the time …so just ask if they can participate in any way or make suggestions for your project.  Take suggestions to class and discuss the possibility of using them.

Ultimately… shine the light of exposure on all facets of your community …and get them involved.

We at Casualmere® make clothing …T-shirts for men and women …out of earth friendly bamboo and would love to see everyone do something more toward the salvation of our planet Earth.

More info on Earth Day to follow in subsequent blogs.


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