Bamboo t-shirts – breathable, washable, elegant luxury from Casualmere

Casualmere scoop neck short sleeve ladies top

Casualmere scoop neck short sleeve ladies top

Not often found are Luxury T-shirts made of all (100%) bamboo knit fabric.  That is just the t-shirt Casualmere® brand makes …and for both men and women.  They are addictive, ideal for warm next-to-the-body layering in winter and breathable comfort in darks or light colors for summer wear even in humid climes.

casualmere avatarCasualmere® feels very light weight to the hand and wearing but actually weighs more than comparable size cotton t-shirts.  It is because of the fine fiber that is produced when bamboo is processed to fabric.  The resultant Casaulmere® heavier fabric drapes beautifully and looks and feels elegant and luxurious.

Check out the web site and try one yourself… you will want more than one.  We pay the shipping for 3 or more pieces on any order.

Casualmere® Eco-clothing is the perfect TRAVEL WEARdate wear (its super soft) …plan a vacation or staycation and bring your bamboo tees for comfort anywhere.


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