U.S. oil imports fell 87% in the mid ’80’s – why not do it again – Energy Policy needed please

That used to be us

That used to be us

This is said so well in the book “That Used To Be Us” that we are relaying it to you.  (You may recall Thomas L. Friedman wrote “The World Is Flat” …an excellent book …back in 2005 and updated in 2006… still a good read.)

Under the leadership of presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter… the United States reacted to the 1973-74 Arab oil embargo by putting in place higher fuel-economy standards for cars trucks.  …In 1975, Congress, with broad bipartisan (both parties) support, passed the Energy Policy and Conservation Act, which established corporate average fuel economy standards that requred the gradual doubling of efficiency for new passenger vehicles- to 27.5 mpg- within 10 years.

Rocky Mountain Institute logoAs a result of that, said Amory Lovins co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute, “we raised our oil productivity 5.2% a year for EIGHT years from 1977 to 1985 …oil imports fell 87%”.

…”We broke OPEC’s pricing power for a decade by cutting their sales in half”

Oil tumbled in price to below $15 a barrel.

…”With today’s innovations, we could re-run that old play so much better… and imagine the impact today.”

hijacked-oil-tanker.jpgThis excellent book details our falling behind in the world in several areas …most importantly in education …and sounds the alarm against misguided anti-science and and anti-education voices rampant in the political news daily.

Find your library …or download it from Amazon on your Kindle …read it for your children’s and/or grand-children’s sakes.  If you are having trouble finding a job this book will explain to you the work you must do to qualify for a job in the current global “flat world” economy… and where those jobs might be.  At the least it will get you thinking about our important future.

Casualmere® Eco-clothing company finds this book important, we think you will like it too.  It may prompt several more blogs from us about various concerns we need to have about our world and what we are doing to it… and who we are competing with in the world of “Green”.


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