Bamboo clothing – reps wanted for men’s, women’s, resort and ‘green grass’ retail -Casualmere®

Casualmere t-shirt and golf shirt

Casualmere® bamboo t-shirt and golf shirt

We style, manufacture and distribute exclusive Casualmere® Luxury brand Bamboo apparel.

Casualmere® brand 100% bamboo clothing is looking for exclusive territory independent sales reps throughout the U.S.. We offer immediate delivery of basic styles to luxury retail clients, and commissions on all reorders.

We offer men’s golf shirts in 100% breathable bamboo knit perfect for golf shops as well as classic t-shrits in short and long sleeves and a V-neck fitted style for specialty men’s shops, and Eco-retailers.

For women we offer basic t-tops in short and long sleeves with scoop neck styling…and a V-neck cap sleeve style.  In addition we make a basic short sleeve …”perfect for any dress ocassion” dress …all in 100% sexy-soft bamboo.  Luxury tops in an Eco-friendly, totally renewable source…bamboo.  (Our products are also perfect for women’s accessory sales representatives.)

Women's casulamere shorts sleeve, scoop neck top

Women's Casulamere® short sleeve, scoop neck top

We also offer our own brand of Casualmere® 100% bamboo neck scarves.

All Casualmere® luxury products are basic styling so there is little reason for retailers to ever need to mark down because of passe’ fashion.  Bamboo is becoming increasingly in-demand as an Earth friendly product. 

If you are not a road warrior but want to offer Casualmere® products at retail in a “home party” environment we are anxious to hear from you in particular.  We will offer wholesale pricing and samples and immediate inventory delivery support.  Our Casualmere® super soft fabric sells easily when felt in person and offers a great income opportunity for energetic local sales consultants.  Our women’s at-home sales consultants can sell bamboo tops for friends and their husbands.

Casualmere® 4 bamboo stalks logo

Casualmere® 4 bamboo stalks logo

Casualmere is a Luxury fabric made into Luxury garments …perfect for travel-wear…perfect for resort retailers …hotel shops …casino stores…airport retail. 

Call us or write us… let’s talk.


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