Make money- sell from your or a friends home -Eco-friendly luxury Bamboo exclusive Casualmere® clothing

Casualmere® bamboo Luxury tops

Casualmere® bamboo Luxury tops

Casualmere® luxury bamboo short sleeve top

Casualmere® luxury bamboo short sleeve top

We style, manufacture and distribute exclusive Casualmere® Luxury brand Bamboo apparel.

If you are not a road warrior but want to offer Casualmere® products at retail in a “home party” environment we are anxious to hear from you.  We will offer wholesale pricing and samples and immediate inventory delivery support.  Our Casualmere® super soft fabric sells easily when felt in person and offers a great income opportunity for energetic local sales consultants.  Our women’s at-home sales consultants can sell bamboo tops for friends and their husbands.

There is no large initial investment, you can order as few samples as make you comfortable to be competitive …at wholesale pricing.  (You can return them if unopened as well).  This is not a triangle sales set-up, we do not offer you the opportunity to employ sub-sellers. 

Casualmere® 100% bamboo dress

Casualmere® 100% bamboo dress

Follow the Mary Kay and Tupperwear formula …invite friends for coffee or tea and allow them to experience the hand-feel of super soft Casualmere® bamboo clothing.  We provide immediate in-stock re-orders or special order for you to deliver to your customers.

Sell basic t-tops or dress in brilliant colors to your friends and t-shirts or golf shirts for their husbands of BF’s. 

Casualmere® is perfect for travel and vacation packing as the fine, bamboo fiber results in garments that fold tightly and take much less luggage space than a traditional cotton or poly garment.

Casualmere® brand top and scarf

Casualmere® brand top and scarf

Go to our fabric page on our web site to read about bamboo and bamboo fabric and it’s Eco-freindliness.

Casualmere® is an easy sell when one can feel the wonderful soft fabric …which just happens to be washable too.

Please forward this blog to anyone of your friends that may be looking for a source of income selling a fully luxury (and reputable) clothing product.


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