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Golf hidden gem in Caribbean perfect for Casualmere bamboo golf shirts- Sandy Lane, Barbados

Being a Caribbeanophile (loveing the Carebbean Sea area) for years I am always amazed when people ask “where’s that”.  This golf …bucket list …hidden gem is on Barbados Island in the Caribbean West Indies. This area is considered the West … Continue reading

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Bamboo clothes for men and women – retail and wholesale

We are the exclusive manufacturers of Casualmere® brand bamboo clothing for women and men.  Our Casualmere 100% bamboo fabric is washable …holds color brilliantly …is breathable …cool in summer …warm layering in winter ….and is sourced from earth friendly bamboo … Continue reading

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Not sexy cotton subsidy problems still depleting tax dollars – a reason to buy bamboo clothing

The U.S. pays $147 million a year to Brazilian cotton farmers …as a means of avoiding broad trade retaliations due to government subsidies made to U.S. cotton growers…and is currently considering a new farm bill that would add to these … Continue reading

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