Wonderful bamboo clothing benefits – Casualmere® bamboo t-shirts

Panda family dinner on bamboo

Panda family dinner on bamboo

The Wonderful Benefits of Bamboo Clothing are…

Fashionable. Yes, a beautiful drape and softer than the feel of silk combined with brilliant color presentation.

Alternative to cotton. There seems to be a fabric source war brewing as bamboo lays down the gauntlet to cotton. Bamboo has been described as the cotton of the 21st century and for good reason(s). Bamboo grows with no fertilizers, no harmful pesticides, needs no excessive watering and has superior anti-bacterial qualities and is extremely moisture absorbent.  Bamboo fabric is breathable and washable.

Bamboo Plant Image

Bamboo Plant Image

Versatile. Bamboo fiber breathes better than it’s rivals and more importantly, regulates
body temperatures extremely well. In fact, it’s versatility means it can adapt to both cool and warm climates. It’s ability to evaporate perspiration has both personal and hygiene benefits. In other words, odor is eliminated effectively.

Durability. Bamboo is able to release soil and stains more effectively than it’s counterpart materials.

Casualmere® long sleeve 100% bamboo luxury men's T-shirt

Casualmere® long sleeve 100% bamboo luxury men's T-shirt

Dermal (skin) Friendly. Those who suffer from skin irritations will appreciate bamboo’s organic nature. In a nutshell, skin irritations are almost a non-issue wearing bamboo fabric and those who spend a good part of their lives out in the sun, it’s ability to resist UV rays makes it a natural choice clothing in sunny conditions.

Natural. Because of bamboo’s ability to resist disease means no harmful chemical spraying is required in its natural growing state unlike cotton, which means less chance of allergic reaction.

Environmentally friendly. Bamboo clothing is hard to beat because of the renewable …and sustainable …nature of the plant which is actually a hardy, fast-growing grass that re-grows naturally into bamboo forests …in only 3 years after harvesting.

Bamboo forest

Bamboo forest

…And pandas eat bamboo.

Bamboo is classified as a ‘viscose’ from bamboo.

Try Casualmere® bamboo T-shirts. “One is not enough”.


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