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Oxygen is good – bamboo makes it better

Do you remember biology class?  Do you remember “photosynthesis” …you should, it is the plant process that keeps us breathing… its kinda important. Plants use sunlight, absorb our waste …carbon dioxide …and produce oxygen …you remember oxygen we are sure … Continue reading

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Bamboo 1000 species and earth friendly – can we do as well?

Care about “Renewable resources?  We should care… if we are concerned at all about this big, beautiful orb of a spaceship we all live on …and bamboo is a huge, renewable, earth-friendly, plant family. Biologists estimate there are at least … Continue reading

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The US farm bill – explained – link to TheGuardian article

How will the new US farm bill affect food-aid reform, and why is it taking so long to reach the statute book?   Tortuous debate ….link above to excellent article in TheGuardian all should read. Photo from TheGuardian article. The … Continue reading

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