Bamboo 1000 species and earth friendly – can we do as well?

Care about “Renewable resources?  We should care… if we are concerned at all about this big, beautiful orb of a spaceship we all live on …and bamboo is a huge, renewable, earth-friendly, plant family.

Our big, beautiful, space orb.

Biologists estimate there are at least 1000 different species of bamboo …some think there may be closer to 1600 species…it thrives.  In fact …it has thrived since the dinosaur age. Humans should do as well.

Bamboo grows with no pesticides, no fertilizers, no excessive soil disturbance, and no excessive watering.  All good news for the earth, the economy, and developing nations where it grows naturally…and companies using it instead of cotton …like us.  We are avoiding fertilizers, pesticides, excessive soil plowing and deterioration, and the piggish use of water.

Casualmere® shirts are sourced from 100% bamboo made by the viscose process, resulting in a garment that; breathes (warm layering in winter…summer comfort in humidity) …is washable, wicks moisture and odor, and feels great to the skin.  What more could you want?


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