It’s time to go bamboo for shirts

Recycling bottles – Getty Images

Do you recycle your soda cans and plastic bottles?  …You should.  Your city probably has a recycle program for these as well as newspapers and glass containers… it should.  So…it is time to be aware of other simple ways to protect this beautiful watery space ship of a planet we are lucky enough to ride.  …What else can we do…


Caring about what is used to make your clothes is one surprising thing you can do.  A great deal of what is in your closet is made from petroleum… polyester and Nylon.  Even more items are made from a plant requiring; massive pesticides to grow…  massive fertilizers to succeed …tons of excessive water to thrive …and plowing- plowing more plowing of tender soil …it is Cotton …the earth’s enemy plant …if not organic (and little is.)

Soft earth friendly bamboo shirts

Soft earth friendly bamboo shirts – Casualmere®

The best solution for clothing made from Earth loving plants is…Bamboo.  Yes, clothes made from bamboo… and surprisingly they are the softest and most skin loving clothes of all types…  the opposite of what you might think… but true.

Casualmere® brand is 100% made from bamboo, and includes washable jersey knit shirts for both women and men.  (Our fabric is made from the viscose process so it is super soft.)

Bamboo is often called a “carbon sink” which means it absorbs so much carbon dioxide …much more that trees… that bamboo forests are highly efficient in producing oxygen and absorbing carbon from the air.  Not only that, it grows with NO pesticides, NO fertilizers, NO excessive watering, and NO constant soil disturbance.  What more could you ask?  Beautifully, bamboo forests can be harvested every 3-4 years as they grow back …naturally… just that fast! SNAP!

bamboo forest

bamboo forest

So buy bamboo shirts, and look for 100% bamboo shirts, don’t settle for 70%-30% bamboo or less, that helps little.  Go for luxury, elegance, brilliant colors, and a beautifully draping garment… look great and be ‘green’… go 100% bamboo with Casualmere® brand. (We now ship free)

Bamboo shirts are the best for travel.


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