10 Eco Luxury resorts – great photos from MNN (Mother Nature Network)

As manufacturers of the perfect travel clothing we like to advise you from time to time of great Eco Travel destinations to combine with Casualmere® Eco 100% bamboo clothing.  Here are 10 listed on Mother Nature Network in an article by Laura Moss, its a fun read.

6 Senses Hideaway Thailand

6 Senses Hideaway Thailand

10 Eco Luxury Resorts.

Locations include; Ayers Rock (Uluru) in Australia, Montana, The Swiss Alps, Costa Rica, Patagonia (the Chile portion), Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia-Canada, Kenya, Napa Valley Northern California, Thailand,  and the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

Get your Casualmere 100% Bamboo travel shirts and pick a destination, feel as “green” as your accommodations.  We offer great colors, great skin comfort, breathe-ability, and shirts that wick moisture and odor in a Luxury product.

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