Where to find Eco-cars info easily

Care about new Eco-cars offering good gas mileage?  Confused by all the ads and options?  So are we …so we discovered a great site to share with you that keeps up on such issues for all our benefits, it is HybirdCars.com.

C MAX Energi range map

C MAX Energi range map

This link goes to a Oct 17, 2012 article about the new Ford C-MAX Energi, which claims 620 miles range… coming very soon… an interesting read.

Using less gas is KEY to our economy, our environment and our international trade independence …so put it on your radar… we are sure you are suffering at the pumps too.  Keep this info if not for your use then for the use of your children and grand-kids.



Another great page on the Hybird Cars site is Electric Cars: A Definitive Guide, it’s an education in a nutshell.

The Nissan Leaf is highlighted in this article …good info.

gas vs. electric

gas vs. electric

The images here are from the Hybird Cars web site.  We suggest you bookmark the site, and keep up on developments to inform your next auto purchase.  …Save money… do Eco-good …and get an Eco car …drive it wearing your Eco-shirts from Casualmere® 100% bamboo.  Bamboo is the best Eco-source for shirt fabric growing naturally with NO need for excessive fertilizers, NO need for pesticides, NO need for excessive watering, and NO soil disturbance.  It also generates 30% more oxygen conversion from carbon dioxide than trees.  …Bamboo is a grass.

100% bamboo long sleeve Casualmere® T-shirt

100% bamboo long sleeve women’s Casualmere® T-shirt – Olive Grey


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Black Long sleeve 100% bamboo Casualmere® shirt

Black Long sleeve men’s 100% bamboo Casualmere® shirt – Black

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