Wind Turbines World Wide

This article on Huff Post outlines what the Power Grid is and at the bottom has  26 very nice images of wind turbines around the world, take a look.

Windmills in Greece - Getty images

Windmills in Greece – Getty images

Below is our favorite image… we call it “Wool, Wind, Weather” … All Eco-Friendly cogs in an Earth friendly wheel of progress.

Wool - Wind - Weather

Wool – Wind – Weather

Of course we love bamboo’s contribution to the conversion of CO2 to good ole’ Oxygen…that’s why we make Casualmere® shirts from only bamboo.

Casualmere Pink women's shirt.

Casualmere Pink women’s shirt.

Oh…, and Valentines Day is just around the corner… be sure to take advantage of our discount for women’s luxury …ultra-soft …100% bamboo shirts for this ‘loved one’ day…  You’ll love the way they feel on her.

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