Stunning image – walking trees

Butterfly and Trees, Madidi National Park, BoliviaPhotograph by Joel Sartore

Butterfly and Trees, Madidi National Park, Bolivia
Photograph by Joel Sartore

The locals say some palm trees in Bolivia grow legs and walk to find more sunlight. Standing on stilts, Madidi’s “walking” trees, at right, appear to move as their shadyside roots wither. The palms may need strong root structures to quickly reach optimum height.

This photograph was taken on assignment for “Madidi: Will Bolivia Drown Its New National Park?” in the March 2000 National Geographic.

Earth-from-space-If we don’t pay more attention to human contributions to global warming we may need to use our legs to move inland from all coasts to avoid drowning.  Finding sunlight will be little problem as there will be too little shade too.

Casualmere® recognizes the significance of the relationship of business to nature, that is why we steadfastly stick to using bamboo as a source for our fabric.  With little web-search effort one can find the beauty of bamboo grass contribution to the health of our air.  Bamboo is a Carbon Sink…look it up.

Casualmere Pink women's shirt.

Casualmere Pink women’s shirt.


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