Beautiful bamboo – Our Fav and Our Source

Bamboo forest close up in brown tones.

Bamboo forest close up in brown tones.

We are pro-bamboo prejudiced, obviously, but we love this bamboo image of the source of our 100% bamboo fabric, Casualmere®.

Casualmere® women's 100% bamboo shirt.

Casualmere® women’s 100% bamboo shirt.

On the chance you have not been following us close enough, we use bamboo as a Eco-friendly fabric source because it requires NO pesticides to grow successfully.  It requires NO fertilizers, NO excessive watering, and NO soil disturbance…all in stark contrast to the needs of cotton growth.

In addition, to further sing the praises of bamboo, it acts as a Carbon Sink, absorbing huge amounts of CO2 and converting it to Oxygen for us.  In fact, it performs this magic 1.5 times more effectively than a similar sized forest of trees.  Actually, though looking like trees, a stand of bamboo is actually the worlds largest group of grasses.

Earth-from-space-Very interestingly, mature stands of bamboo can be harvested for any use, and they will re-grow naturally in on 3-4 years, with no fertilizers, no pesticides, no plowing, and no irrigation.   So we are using a totally renewable source for our Casualmere® shirts.  This is why we exist.  We hope you will wear our shirts in support of this Eco-friendly business.

Bamboo golf shirt from Casualmere®

Bamboo golf shirt from Casualmere®

Casualmere® shrits are great for travel as well.  They fold small and are excessively comfortable in any climate, warm or cold.  Our golf shirts are our most popular item.  They breathe, wick moisture, and are washable too. We hope you enjoy the bamboo photo we selected.


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