Bloomberg Headline Misleads – Proposed Agri Bills Take From Poor – Nothing Good

A summary of proposals detailed in a Article outline a lousy bill being proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives Agricultural Committee.Air pesticide spraying

A majority of the proposed $39.7 billion-10 year-reduction in the Ag budget would come from spending on nutrition programs, mostly on food stamps, which would drop $20.5 billion in 10 years.

Cotton subsidies to stay as-is… just called something else…  sugar price supports would stay in place too.  The substance of the article makes me wonder how the headline writer came up with: House Bill Seen Cutting $40 Billion While Ending Farmer Payments … we should require headline writers to read.  My headline would be: House Ag Bill Lousy Again- Why Aren’t You Mad.

The taxpayer is busy trying to earn enough to get along not aware they need to be involved so, as usual, lobbyists are shaping policy using their unlimited money and influence.  The popular media news on this…non existent.  Its easy to see why many Pols don’t want an educated populace.

Worker in subsidized cotton field

Worker in subsidized cotton field (Photo-Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Legislation announcements are made public now, but votes won’t be for 4 months… plenty of time for any furor to fade so the new bill will result in your “WTF, when was this decided?”.  Instead this should be a time to ‘fan the flames of furor’ and get some changes made.  Change is a long hard slog but reality TV is such an easy escape.

The Bloomberg article is not that long, all should read it and get up to speed on issues that effect us all; prices in the store as well as taxes, and income inequality.  You can find your member of the U.S. House here… and your Senator here…in case you want to make your opinion heard… no extra cost.

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