Mayflower, AR “It’s devastating …they’ve completely raped it,”

Not a fun article to read but important on Huff Post in the Green section.  The stuff that comes out of the ground from Fracking and too often leaks into local rivers, lakes or neighborhoods from bad pipelines, is devastating.  It is worse than usual crude oil which is pretty horrible for spills in its own right. It’s instant no-value devastation to your home property.  And family?  You will need to keep you kids or grand-kids far away.Arkansas Tar Sands loose in neighborhood

But the claims that “All is OK”, continue.

This article is written by Rocky Kistner about the leak in Arkansas and more. Rocky Kistner is a media associate in Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC’s) Washington, DC office and has been working from NRDC’s Gulf Resource Center in Buras, Louisiana. Prior to joining NRDC, Rocky was a journalist. His work has appeared in the LA Times, ABC News and public radio’s Marketplace. He blogs on NRDC’s Switchboard.

We at Casualmere® think you need to know about these assaults on the environment.  We speak out and try to do our little bit by making 100% bamboo shirts only from renewable, Earth friendly bamboo.  We salute Rocky’s writing.


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