New Jersey Size Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana-MNN

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) informs that this summer the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico south of Louisiana will be in the range of 8000 square miles…that’s square miles!

gulf dead zone

Dead Zone In Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana.  Red shows dead zone.

Mother Nature Network reports that according to the NOAA, fertilizer and insecticide polluted run-off cause this Dead Zone.  The chemicals cause excessive algae growth off shore which depletes Oxygen …anyone can deduce what happens to animals with no Oxygen…even fish.

All this and oil on the sea floor too.

Follow the link to the short article…get involved.  We try to do our part by spotlighting Eco-issues where we find them, and by making great shirts from 100% bamboo, the most Eco-friendly of all sources.

NAVY Mens v-neck, fitted, 100% bamboo T-shirt.

NAVY Mens v-neck, fitted, 100% bamboo T-shirt.

Bamboo growth requires NO fertilizers, NO pesticides, and NO excessive irrigation (and subsequent polluted runoff).  Cotton however is just the opposite.

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